Using completely automated systems, GYPSUM COMPOSITES INTERNATIONAL manufactures glass-fiber reinforced plastic pipes by a filament winding process for application in various water and wastewater network systems. Our core competency is in manufacturing of egg and special shaped profiles – the GCI GRP Structural Liner – with a length of up to 6 meter and a diameter ranging from DN 400 up to DN 3,200 mm.

  • Water and waste water pipes
  • Water and waste water pipe rehabilitation (insertion of GRP pipes into host pipes)
  • Industrial pipes – chemical and petro chemical


Our GRP pipes are manufactured in a continuous serial production on winding machines where mandrel rotation and material flow acceleration / deceleration for tangents in non-circular shapes can be set using complex software.

This manufacturing process is based on a fiber reinforced polymer made of a plastic matrix, reinforced by fine fibers of glass and with admixture of fillers (silica), forming a thermosetting composite matrix. With this dual system, the advantages of the special inner resin rich layer for corrosive applications can be realized while using standard resin, fiber, glass and silica for perfect structural properties. Especially developed calculation tools for the design of the GRP pipes enable customer-tailored solutions.

Major raw materials used are isophtalic and orthophtalic resin, silica sand and glass fibers, supplemented by additives and catalysts. The material components are brought up in layers, applied following a program-controlled process, thereby, providing high standards and repeatable quality in GRP pipes. Each layer as well as the whole structure has an exactly defined composition.

Pipe Wall Structure
Various Shapes & Profiles

Other Shapes & profiles

Special Y-shape
Egg Shape
Circular Shape
Manufacturing Standards

Prevalently, the Gypsum Composites International GRP pipes are manufactured by following the standards:

DIN 16868-1 Glass fibre reinforced unsaturated polyester resin (UP-GF) pipes

WIS 4-34-02 Specification for Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Sewer Lining

EN 14364 Plastic piping systems for drainage and sewerage with or without pressure. Glass reinforced thermosetting plastics (GRP) based on unsaturated polyester resin (UP). Specifications for pipes, fittings and joints

ÖNORM B5163 Plastics piping systems for drainage and sewerage without pressure – Non-circular pipes, joints and fittings made of glass-reinforced thermosetting plastics (GRP) based on unsaturated polyester resins (UP) – Dimensions, requirements, tests and procedure for the proof of conformity

Quality Assurance
Comprehensive Quality Management System


System provider
Being a single source contact for turnkey system solutions and entire rehabilitation packages.

Customized approach
By focusing on a customized approach, the pipes are produced based on client’s individual requirements and needs, allowing most flexibility and adaptability.

Traditional though innovative
Combining conventional building methods with innovative solutions in niche areas.

High quality
Following international manufacturing standards and rigorous quality control.

Reliability in system
In-house developed, patented and internationally approved and certified “GCI Structural Liner” as rehabilitation technology and product label for the GRP Structural Liners.

Complete Rehabilitation Solution from Production to Installation