Gypsum is a technologically driven private limited EPC company. Our core competency is providing trenchless services and we are a pioneer in the field having experience in Microtunneling, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), Pipe Bursting and Rehabilitation by GRP / CIPP linings.

Today, we are one of the few companies in our field featuring a complete range of trenchless services. This has put Gypsum at the forefront of utility companies, municipalities and hydrocarbon companies in the underground pipeline business in India.

Incorporated on 27th October, 1993 with the Registrar of Companies, NCT of Delhi & Haryana, and has PAN, ESI, GPF, Service Tax, VAT/CST registration numbers with various state governments and all other related statutory requirements.

We started off by specializing in building construction works and grew with the challenges offered to us. One of our earliest projects included working for Tehri Hydro Development Corporation in the Himalayas.

Soon after our incorporation, we realized the need for developing and promoting technologies that work in harmony with the environment and cause least disruption to the general public. This led us to enter the trenchless field in the year 1995-96 using Horizontal Directional Drilling rigs, with the objective of constructing modern India with minimal environmental disturbances. Since then, we have strived to add latest state-of-the-art trenchless technologies to our service range, with Microtunneling and Glass Reinforced Plastic Lining introduced in the year 2006-07 in a joint venture with a large German EPC company, and latest being Glass reinforced Cure-In-Place Pipe lining with UV curing, specifically suited for tropical Indian weather conditions.

Promoted by well-versed and experienced Engineers, with Mr. Niranjan Garg (founding director, civil & mechanical engineer) being at the forefront, Gypsum has proved its technical strength and flexibility towards adopting new challenges.

Over the last decades, Gypsum has earned a reputation for excellence through employing modern technology, stringent quality control measures, on-time execution and continuous research and development. Having invested heavily in our assets, we are fully equipped with equipment and tools required for execution of the projects undertaken by us.

In all this, our Environment, health and safety guidelines, custom framed for each specific technology that we offer, form the heart and soul of all our projects and the same are visible in our impeccable safety record over the years.

To manage our extensive range of services and address customer’s needs in a more efficient way, we maintain separate units for water & sewer industry and hydrocarbon industry.


A wide range of certificates and awards bear witness to our engineering excellence
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Awards and Recognitions

Awards & Recognitions

  • Growth & development of trenchless technology award – INDSTT
  • Professional excellence in trenchless technology award – INDSTT
  • Recognition from Oil India Limited for successful execution of Teesta River Crossing by Microtunneling
  • Achieved Vishwakarma Award 2017 – CIDC for Construction Health, Safety & Environment
  • Member of Delhi Chamber of Commerce



Establish a global footprint in the trenchless industry



Total customer satisfaction with responsible value engineered solutions for sustainable development of stakeholders from team and associate partners to environment.